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“Yes! Your quality service tells itself, I arrived Heaven on Earth from the first day i place a phone call to your customer care line. First, I got a total free 500 SMS Units to try your service for free. Really it turns to become the fastest Bulk SMS Delivery Service I have ever enjoyed over years of using many Bulk SMS Website. Secondly, I got your GSM Databae under the option of (Service before Payment). A well stored Database & today my church website at :  &   was Registered |Hosting & Design by you through your company of Nigeria Web Solution still at the option of (Service Before Payment)+ A smooth running GSM Shortcode setup for my church evangelism broadcasting I got from you. I only made my payment after Delivery with full satisfaction. Infact, I recommend your great service to the whole world. 
. – Pastor W. F. Kumuyi
(Senior pastor: Deeper Life Christian Life Ministry Lagos-State)

Without doubt of mind I hereby recommend  First Class Bulk SMS Website Hosting& Website Design Company at Nigeria Web Solution.Net to All Nigeria’s, African & the whole world in general as the most trusted & fastest delivery website hosting & website design company service provider in Nigeria. They don’t talk much, but their work proves them the best of all… As a big National organization we couldn’t believe we will find a reliable web Hosting/ Website Design service provider here in Nigeria that can handle our web project work.. But with peace of mind their team general master: Rejoice Chikamnele –Sir J (the great one, as I due call him) prove me wrong & within 4days our dream of owning a unique National Organization Website online presence becomes a reality   Still on that offer us the best targeted Advertising service to help us achieve our dream. And today we have awarded them (THE NATIONAL PRIDE OF NIGERIA WEB/INTERNET CONTROLLER, which will keep earning them a continuous contract with payment)  Therefore, I recommend their great work to you reading this right now to give them a try & watch the wonders they can play with truth & respect.
I am Rich Alzy
Sec General = The National Pride Of Nigeria
Call Me for more confirmation 
Tel: 08134323918, 08177872770 

''I must say that i guess i would like to work with your organization for the following reasons:
1) Your exceptional customer relationship management.
2) Your fantastic delivery service
3) Quick response 
- I have visited so many Nigeria Bulk SMS Company via their websites in the past days and must say that yours is the best and First Class SMS Provider Indeed.
   - John Kelechi = your lovely student at

“I wouldn't believe i will find a Reliable Bulk SMS Service provider that will carry my business along but i decided to give it a try. I stumbled on your website and took a risk. it was surprising that i made the right decision. Ever i started using your company SMS provider, my business have taken the next shape. For sure, profit is rolling in & has discovered the right way to build a good relationship with customers and keep repeating buyers. There has been prompt delivery of my messages. Just keep it up"
 Maris Iwu
( CEO - Maris Super-marketer Int - Owerri-Imo State/Abuja Branch )

"I really appreciate ordering your Mobile Marketing Business Setup & Your Advanced BLOG Cash system  I have basically practiced and still practicing what I learn t and its working for me. I actually started my Mobile Marketing Business Set-up , a week after my Oder , i got my own mobile marketing business at:=> & My Blog at :=>  which keep generating me a real passive income day & night....selling different products & services in digital mobile marketing industry..  Your Info-Marketing Resell –Right business truly works, Thanks a lot, if I can make up to N450,0000 +  in about a month as a total novice on internet business marketing and a woman for that matter, then I believe that any one can do the same. Thanks for defending the TRUST I have for you & delivered as promised."
Mrs Chidiebere Nwankwo

“It is a privilege & in God’s direction for coming across to your website. Sir Rejoice. I thank God for this grace. I found out that Mobile Marketing Business is the easiest business to do online, without any distraction to my ministry work. As a beginner I now make up to N50, 000 monthly incomes from this business on part time basis. By God grace, if I go on full time, I will make more money from this business and other online businesses you have taught me. Sir, I observe you run your business with sincerity & the fear of God. May you continue with this & may God in heaven expand you and your group expert’s team. Just keep it up; it really pays to be good.”
You’re sincerely, 
Pastor Henry Osuji 
(Senior Pastor Faith Tabernacle Church. Aba branch- Abia State)

” I say a big thanking to you First Class Bulk SMS Team for your prompt fastest delivery service which made us to switch over to your service usage. Yes, as a Bank, we already have our sms website but due to network failures & low delivery service; customers complains was much, which force us to go in search of a reliable Mobile Marketing Service Provider. I was directed to first class bulk sms via:  by a friend & to God be the glory I found our last bus stop solution here at to carry out all our Banking alert transaction. Thanks to you all.
(First Bank Branch - Computer Village- Lagos State)

“God bless you all the Team member of First Class Bulk SMS, You’ve done a good great job in my life, and I’m impressed. I’ve been making money already with my Mobile Marketing Business Set-up introduced to me by your team master Rejoice Chikamnele Via facebook. Well, the truth is that, as a student who is totally broke, I don’t have money to set-up my own personal website. So I only manage to Oder for your Mobile marketing Business Proposal Letters, kick up to Business. When I advertised my service to some churches, private schools & few business stores in my location, great they were impressed. For any of their program, information & update, they only document their details and forward the information to my Email which includes the sender identity they want to use, their contacts list and the message, and I will help them to send the Customized Text Message via your website Well know to me as the outstanding fastest SMS Delivery service in Nigeria. For the store shop business owners they now keep record of their customer contacts after sells, after each day market they now send out thank you message and a reminder to see them next time & do you know what? They come back next time to patronize them. I now make at least N10, 000 weekly, making me a total sum of N35,000 to- 40,000 every month. To me is not bad as an ordinary student looking for an extra means of income. Not only that I make money through this business, but the fact that my entire clients are happy to see me again &again for being part of their organization and business success. Am so happy for that.”
Ibarahim Tofa
Student at Madonna University. 

"Greeting to all Team members of First Class Bulk SMS! Really you are extremely wonderful.Your best service have kept my church activities, programs, inspiration & voice out-reach messages have all been swift delivery in seconds without any delay or failure. I have been using your BULK SMS Service for a few months now and it has been a pleasant experience. I have no cause to complain at all."
Apost Jacob Olumitutu
From Akure-Ondo State
Working As An Outstanding Senior Pastor 
Apostolic Church - Obuas Ashanti Ghana.

“I wish to emphatically that your service is First Class indeed, it was introduced to me by a friend via facebook when I was planning for my weeding. I tell you, it is very easy to use. As a matter of fact, my Bulk SMS Invitation, reminder & appreciation were done by me and all my contacts received my message. My weeding was so wonderful!  Your service is so great even at the mid night just credit your account and you will receive your SMS Unit immediately. In fact RejoiceWithUs Innovation na you Biko ooo...”
Mr&Mrs Paul Adewale.

 “Hi Rejoice, I never knew life could be so sweet in Nigerian, at this hardship economy time. I have been carrying my degree certificate for the past 3Yrs in search of work but to no avail. Every-day that come by I keep thanking God and you for showing me the way forward as I now earn up to N120,000 EVERY SINGLE MONTH!  From The Mobile Marketing Business Set-up which you did for me. SELLING DIFFERENT PRODUCTS & SERVICES IN MOBILE MARKETING INDUSTRY. With the help of your Mobile marketing Business Proposal Letters, Training Guild & Marketing Tips. To all Churches, Schools,Business ( both online & offline businesses) ,  Few organizations I sent it out for, who see it bounce back to me to kick start business without more question.”
God Bless Rejoice Innovation Interbound, First Class Bulk SMS & The Nigerian Web Solution Team Group.”

08137764457 Email =

“Dear Rejoice Chikamnele & Team I really don’t know how appreciate such a great good service I received from you. I was shock at the moment I call to inquire about your GSM DATABASE PHONE NUMBERS & I was told that I will get such a product under your option of (Service Before Payment ) What a trust you have for your Nation, within 24hrs i got such a great product: Well categorized by States, L.G.A, Locations with names & sex gender. This impressed me to pay more than your charges cost price. I got a great massive answer to my program with the use of your live GSM Database” + my church GSM Shortcode which was set-up by you.
Rev.Pst  Ofurum Dalinton
(P.H Branch Pastor RCCG)

"The nation & the church is looking for honest young men like you. Keep it up Rejoice Innovation Interbound Team; it is the greatest assets-Honesty. 
Rev.Jackson Wosowei

"AS a based Internet Business man and an outstanding Info-marketer, Truly your SMS Service at First Class Bulk-SMS have made me to believe so much that SMS Marketing is the hidden key to every successfully business. Really there is power in SMS marketing. The good service I have been receiving from you people, have never been experience to me by any BULK SMS Website for over years of my experience in internet since 2006. There have been good relationships between my subscribers, clients and students.  My advertising & marketing have all turn out to be successful. Sells keeps rolling & increase in my Bank Account day and night. 
Thanks to you all”
( Patrick Peculiar Ogide, CEO Netfame Marketing Service- )

“Nothing impress me much than your fastest delivery service to all networks, your great service have made us one of the outstanding fastest SMA Alert Transaction Bank in Nigerian”
UBA Branch
Bank-Rd Owerri-Imo State
“I don’t easily recommend any service provider network to anyone. But when anyone ask me to recommend a reliable Bulk-SMS Service provider here in Nigerian, with no doubt I easily point and direct them to FIRST CLASS BULK SMS Via I Say that because I have been using their service for a long time, and great my entire seminar SMS Messages sent out through their portal was all successful.
Keep it up Rejoice; you are good in all you do"
Onome Maureen
( CEO Trilli- Resourse  - )

“I really love your service provider relationship to your clients & your swift response attention to any technical issue or challenge to serve your customers better. We are in love to keep using your service.
Micro-Finance Bank –-Owerri –Imo State

“Permit me to say this, up to today I still doubt if this young man Rejoice Chikamnele is truly a native of this country Nigerian. Imagine giving almost all their product & service under the option of SERVICE BEFORE PAYMENT. I have never heard or experience such from any marketer both online/offline. I can’t count several times my church SMS Account has been credited without instant payment, granting me the favor to make my payment at my own agreed convenience time. What a Trust & Respect you have for your people Rejoice”
Carry go beloved. Honesty really pays.
(Senior pastor Living Christ Mission – Aba Branch) 

"Hello Rejoice Chikamnele, I appreciate God for your sincerity service, you have given us a reason to trust you. Ever since we met via the internet & I started using your service truly my school have gotten a new shape. Smooth running & good relationship between the staff management, parent and students. No more handbills that never gets to the hand of the parents & guidance’s 
I Say thank You. We Are Ever Grateful To You All.”
( The Management Director, Prime Academy School, No 17 Isuochi Street Adjacet WEAC Office Aladinma-Prefab Owerri, Imo-State. )

"Since I moved from my former BulkSMS Provider to become your Reseller, my customers and I have been living in peace. The promptness with your SMS fastest delivery is like the message sent to Heaven through the smoke. Since I started using your API, my customers have never complained”
Thanks to you all @ RejoiceWithUs Innovation”


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